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Monday, October 09, 2006

Bob Skillings Advertisement

Bob Skillings is running against Brad Finstad for state representative. He is using the Finstad's focus on the stadium at the expense of his district in his campaign.

Bob Skillings

Skillings has a campaign log. Here's what he says about the stadium issue:

That's Herb Schaper from New Ulm up on the Dome's Jumbotron. It was "Town Ball Day" at the dome and Herb was being honored for his outstanding media contributions to Minnesota amateur baseball. You can see his latest project on the subject at

Johan Santana pitched a gem today as the Twins crept closer to the top of the American League Central. I was fortunate to have been invited by good friend and confidante, Paul Bowar, to share a pair of tickets his generous son, Tony, had supplied.

The new Twins stadium is an issue in this campaign. My opponent, Brad Finstad, was the chief author of the Twins stadium bill which passed last session. While I am happy that the Twins will be getting a new stadium, I don't think Brad should have led the charge that has Hennepin County's sales tax going up to help pay for it. Hennepin County residents had no say in the matter. How would we feel if a Hennepin County legislator told us that our sales tax was going up whether we liked it or not. Bad policy in my mind.

If you want to support Bob Skillings (and defeat Brad Finstad), send a contribution to:

Robert Skillings Campaign Committee
36 Woodland Dr
New Ulm, MN 56073