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Monday, October 02, 2006


Are we fools or what?


According to Minnesota Monitor's website (“All contributors listed here are Fellows with the Center for Independent Media"), the following 10 bloggers are contributors (called fellows):

Abdi Aynte: Hiiraan Online,

Andy Birkey: Eleventh Avenue South, Metroblogging Minneapolis.

Joe Bodell: Minnesota Campaign Report

Craig Cox: The MInneapolis Observer, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Jeff Fecke: Blog of the Moderate Left, Minvolved, DFLSenate

Matt Martin: MN Publius

Robin Marty: The Power Liberal, Drinking Liberally, DFLSenate

Leigh Pomeroy: Vox Verax

Sara Reller: Broken Nails

Paul Schmelzer: Walker Art Center blogs

According to the New Journalist Fellowship Application, "fellows" are paid a stipend of $4500 over 3 months to blog.

That's $1500.00 per month.

The Drama Queen did a good job connecting the dots from the Center for Independent Media and Media Matters. He implies, but doesn't demonstrate that George Soros is funding the Center for Independent Media. Then he changes the subject from the issue that was raised by some of the liberal bloggers.

What my friends in the liberal blogosphere fail to recognize is that since I have chosen to work in politics I can't hide how I make a living. My life is one big disclosure. I know that I was an anonymous blogger and that I chose to reveal my identity because of lawsuit filed against me by a prominent Democrat consultant. But I decided to keep on blogging.

You are able to attack my work for Mark Kennedy, because FEC rules require expenditures to be publicly reported. You are able to see that I was paid a one-time fee from Bachmann's campaign, because it was publicly reported. You are able to attack me for my work with the Campaign for St. Paul's Future, because it was publicly disclosed. You can attack my previous employment with the Republican Party of Minnesota because it was properly disclosed.

Jeff Fecke says it well:

The problem is that Brodkorb wants to have it both ways. He wants to be an independent blogger and a highly-paid political consultant.

But consider Brodkorb's job. He's a press flak. His job is to get media play for the Kennedy campaign.

Now consider MDE's job. He's a media outlet.

So what does Brodkorb do? In order to get media play for the Kennedy campaign, he walks to the computer and publishes a story on his own media outlet.

I don't know of a firewall that could possibly exist that would make that kosher. There is no way Brodkorb can be seen as an independent blogger.

That's the problem–Brodkorb's voice is not independent. It's bought and paid for. And the simple fact that he won't–and can't–address that is telling.

Mike Brodkorb needs to choose whether he values his job or his blog more. Unfortunately for him, the two are inextricably linked. He's less valuable if he shuts off his megaphone. Surely Brodkorb knows that. It's time the rest of us acknowledged it, too.

This issue is even tough when you are both involved in a campaign as a volunteer and try to blog on it.

With 3000 hits per day on his blog, Michael Brodkorb is a press outlet - and Fecke is correct on that point.

I also have to say that while Robin Marty is getting paid to blog, she's getting a part-time salary for more than full time work - and her job is more than blogging, there's an administrative and organizing component to it. I think she low-balled it when she negotiated for the job.

He is changing the subject from the issue of getting paid to blog (which is fine - Eric Black at the Strib also gets paid to blog), or having a conflict of interest with his blogging.

The real kicker is, Michael Brodkorb loves this stuff - because he is the center of attention yet again. Once a Drama Queen, always a Drama Queen.