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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Can We Ask Political Candidates to Take Spelling/Grammar Tests?

Here is actual text from Mark Piepho's website. (I bolded some fields for fun.)

He's the Republican running for Mark Hottinger's open Senate seat.

Mark is solid fiscal conservative who will hold the line on taxes and seek to insure more efficient delivery of government services. Mark knows that just like families and businesses, State government must live within it means.

Mark will work to ensure excellence in our schools and greater accountability in Minnesota's educational system He will Ensure our rural , out state schools get there fair share of state dollars.

(Mark..... did you want to say 'ensure' or 'insure'?)

Mark knows that a safe and efficient transportation system is essential to business vitality and our quality of life in Southern Minnesota. He was focus his attention of Highway 14 Completion.

Mark is a strong 2nd amendment supporter, and he will always vote to protect Minnesotan's right to keep and bear arms, as our founding fathers intended.

Mark believes that traditional marriage must be protected in Minnesota's constitution.

Mark will work for a strong rural economy with ethanol, bio-diesel, and wind generation leading the way.

Is he kidding with this? Steve Sviggum's office should have sent him correctly spelled talking points (there is nothing original here), so that the website page could be a cut and paste.

If a private employer saw a job application/resume/cover letter with this many errors, this candidate would not be considered.