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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Catchy Parody John Kline Ad

Lakeville Dad has it. The Hogans Heroes music is bound to get on Kline's nerves.

The DFL seems to have the Kline-Rowley race in their sights. They just put out a press release attacking Kline.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

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ST. PAUL (10/19/06) – John Kline's latest break with reality occurred yesterday during a FOX9 interview. Kline asserted that David Bailey, a "senior advisor" of Coleen Rowley, favored the legalization of meth. Kline then went on to say that the importance of this claim lay with the fact that the "senior advisor" had authored Rowley's position papers featured on her website.

Kline manages to lie three times in the same number of sentences.

Bailey does not want meth to be legalized. He has written personally about the option of decriminalizing penalties for certain drugs. But at no point has he advocated the legalization of meth.

Bailey is not a "senior advisor" to the Rowley campaign – he is an unpaid staffer who joined the team far later than other staff, paid or unpaid.

Bailey does not author the position papers on Rowley's website. Those were written by the candidate herself, largely last fall before Rowley had ever spoken to Bailey.

"This is a classic Karl Rove-style attack," said Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez. "Coleen Rowley's greatest strengths are her ethics and critical faculties. Anyone who knows Coleen's story knows that she doesn't let anyone else speak for her -- she speaks for herself. And she has always stood up to unethical behavior – no matter the cost.

"John Kline owes it to the voters of Minnesota to elevate his side of the debate and end these baseless and false attacks on Coleen Rowley. We realize that it's inconvenient for Kline to discuss the issues, as he's spent the last eight years voting in lockstep with George W. Bush and contributing to Republican Congress's many failures. But his aversion to running on his record does not excuse him from his responsibility to campaign with integrity."


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I have to say, I'm impressed by a candidate who writes their own position papers.