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Monday, October 30, 2006

Craig Westover and the Pioneer Press Editorial Board Eating Crow

Craig talks about it here.

Michael McIntee from Inside Minnesota Politics did a podcast about this.

There's also the issue about whether Craig Westover is sole author on some of these Pioneer Press editorials.

Mike Burbach, editorial page editor, took responsibility for the correction.


The campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives seat from the 2nd District of Minnesota has been edgy on both sides, but in our opinion page endorsement of John Kline on Friday we erroneously reported that the Coleen Rowley campaign had produced a misleading negative video tying Kline to Washington corruption.

Although it includes Rowley campaign graphics, the video we referenced was neither produced nor endorsed by the candidate or her campaign.

It was created independently. According to the filmmaker, it was shown to the campaign, which declined to use it because it was "too negative." The filmmaker contends the video is accurate, not misleading. The video remained accessible on YouTube Friday, posted by the filmmaker and not the campaign, and it was not linked or referenced on the Rowley campaign Web site.

Attributing the video to the Rowley campaign was our error.

— Mike Burbach, editorial page editor

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