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Monday, October 09, 2006

Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel Reacts to Foleygate: All Gay Men Molest Children


Well, we knew it was coming.

Ace tipped me off to last night's Hannity and Colmes where Democratic strategist Bob Beckel joined conservative talk show host Michael Reagan in explaining how homosexuals are to be especially suspected of sexual predation.

My favorite little remark is where gay people are compared to notorious criminals.

Beckel: If Willie Sutton is around someplace where a bank is robbed, you’re probably going to say, "Willie, stay away from that bank."

Yep. Gay men can't be trusted around children. The temptation to pillage them is too much with us.

What's that about our friends the democrats?

Bob Beckel has been vocal about supporting IDiocy being taught in public school science classes.