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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gil Gutknecht Drinks the Michele Bachmann Koolaid

As mentioned earlier, Gil Gutnecht is campaigning hard for the anti-gay creationist vote. He's got a photo of himself with James Dobson on his website:


He made the trip to St Paul from his home district in order to get this photo.

Avidor illustrates this well.

The James Dobson, Gil Gutnecht, Michele Bachmann Unholy Trinity

Will Gil give a speech at Living Word Christian Center next?

I don't think this will help him in Rochester. In the clips of the Mankato debate on Almanac, it was clear that Gil Gutnecht wasn't able to attack Tim Walz about the Federal Bachmann amendment. You can listen here. The Walz-Gutnecht clips to start at about 21:00.

Gil Gutnecht uses Paul Wellstone's vote for DOMA as a way to defend his support. Walz claimed that Wellstone felt that vote was a mistake. Walz said he agrees with Gutnecht that marriage is an important institution. He said his marriage to his wife was not affected by the Massachusetts judicial ruling. The audience laughed.