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Friday, October 20, 2006

Great Letter to the Editor in the Strib

Ray Rossberg writes on the CCARL list:

For what it's worth, the Strib will be printing another of my letters tomorrow. I'm surprised since it was one of the harsher ones I'd written.

The Twins stadium tax issue has served one useful purpose. It has increased the visibility of the formerly low-profile Hennepin County Board and particularly the commissioners.

Unfortunately, seeing them in their new prominence is like turning on the lights in a seldom-visited basement and finding out that dreadful things are now living there.

Rather than addressing rampant crime, soaring property taxes and similar mundane issues, the bulk of their time has been spent aiding the Governor and a billionaire team owner in their pursuit of a stadium and in plotting to deny us the right to vote.

These were insolent acts perpetrated on us by arrogant politicians who believe they are insulated from public oversight and who have worked far harder to represent the Twins and Governor's interests than our own.

If allowed to continue, they will surely use these same procedures to force us to pay for a new Vikings stadium.

Reelect these people? No, they deserve the same treatment as the things living in the basement.

Sweep the bums out!

The Minneapolis Library Board is voting to close libraries, and Mark Stenglein has made the Stadium boondoggle his single priority. On November 7, replace Mark Stenglein. Vote Greg Gray for County Commissioner.