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Friday, October 27, 2006

Has the Drama Queen Lost Steam?

Rahelio at American Hot Sausage explains.

AHS: How did MDE go from source to the mainstream media to blogland laughingstock?

In this critical time of hotly contested races nationally and locally that might shift power from the Republican monopoly to a Democratic plurality, you would think all the dirt that's unfit to print would be pouring over our flatscreens. If ever there was a time to release compelling information about Democrats who have crack parties with underage Cocker Spaniels and make cross-species porn while fondling nubile marijuna plants, it would be now.

So, why is Minnesotadumbassexposed pulling up goose eggs on everything? With Broddie's obsessive compulsive "research" abilities you'd think he'd deliver the goods now more than ever. This is the moment of truth. It's money shot time. This is the day to give the opponents a facial, and the Brodslayer is usually the skiptracing punk to do it. But, dare we say, he's become a bit impotent lately? We're please, relieved, and giddy about it.

The Republican Party of Minnesota needs retards like MDE to screen public records with a partisan eye, a lack of conscience, and a misanthropic intent. With an enormous idea deficit (stay the course, cut taxes - dividends, estate, capital gains, God is a republican) they have little else going for them other than personal destruction of others.

Brodkorb's blog has always been of uneven quality. He is sometimes an excellent source of political gossip. All too frequently he posts GOP press releases with nothing really original and new.

The Entenza-Hatch spy v spy story is his biggest story.