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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

IP Candidate John James Calls Out Hatch and Swanson

News Release
For Immediate Release
October 17, 2006
Contact: Marc Hugunin (

John James, Independence Party candidate for Attorney General, says
Mike Hatch "Asleep at the Wheel" on MVST

"The Attorney General should be the guardian of the Minnesota state
Constitution," John James, Independence Party candidate for Attorney
General, said today.

Instead, Attorney General Mike Hatch and his deputy, Lori Swanson, were
"asleep at the wheel," he said, in failing to protest a Constitutional
amendment dedicating the Motor Vehicle Sales Tax (MVST) to
transportation purposes.

"The question before the public is not whether we need more money for
roads and transit," James said. "The question is whether we want to
make the state's budget one Constitutional amendment at a time. Setting
today's already antiquated tax laws in concrete in the Constitution
might make it impossible to modernize Minnesota's fiscal systems to fit
the 21st century economy in which we are living."

James also said that the Constitutional amendment is virtually
meaningless, because the funds in question are already available to the
governor and legislature. The funds could be appropriated to the
proposed purpose?the enhancement of Minnesota's transportation
system?at any time.

"By falling asleep at the wheel on this issue, Mike Hatch and Lori
Swanson let the governor and the Legislature off the hook," James said.
"They would pass off on the public the difficult decisions that our
representatives are elected to make. As Attorney General, I would do
everything in my power to prevent the Minnesota Constitution from
becoming cluttered with picayune, day-to-day operational issues that
our elected officials are supposed to resolve."

John James is the Independence Party candidate for Minnesota Attorney
General. He is part of Team Minnesota with Peter Hutchinson for
Governor, Dr. Maureen Reed for Lieutenant Governor, Lucy Gerold for
State Auditor, and Joel Spoonheim for Secretary of State. As Team
Minnesota's Attorney General, John James will make sure that the law
works for all Minnesotans. He will help shape the laws needed to move
Minnesota forward on the things that matter?education, health care,
transportation and the environment.

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