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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Judy Johnson: Stadium Commission Holds Hearings to Get Public Input in the Soon to Be Closed on Mondays Downtown Library

Judy Johnson who is running for the Senate District 43 sent me this observation.

I just saw a ch 5 news report that the Minnesota Twins Baseball Commission (or whatever they call themselves) are planning the ballpark and want the citizens opinion on the plans. People can go to the Minneapolis Library at 7pm on Monday to have their ideas heard about the plans in progress.

They gotta be kidding - they won't let us vote which is the most important "opinion" - but after we've been stuck with this no referendum deal - now they want to hear from us. It just can't get any more crazy! Maybe CCARL should show up and finally be heard - since they are now apparently sincere about listening to the people...

Thought you would appreciate the irony!

Aren't they talking about reducing the library hours for lack of funding - but plenty of money for the stadium - perfect location to hold the meeting - the irony is multi-dimensional!

This isn't just ironic, this is outrageous.

Keep sending those letters to the editor to the Strib and Pioneer Press. In your letters mention the candidates you think should be defeated. If people focus on Mark Stenglein, he can be defeated.

There's a forum coming up on Monday for Stenglein v Gray. From Minneapolis Issues:

The second forum is next Monday, October 23 at Plymouth City Hall at
8:40pm and moderated by the League of Women Voters. Address is 3400 Plymouth Blvd. I'm looking into sending a reporter to tape it.

Gray has this material posted on his campaign site


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