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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Keith Ellison Discussion on Minneapolis Rumors


Posted 20 Oct 2006 17:40 by Megan Goodmundson

If I remember correctly, didn't she file last year as a candidate for city council against Paul Ostrow?

Also I think she makes some guest appearances on the infamous Booker Hodges & Al Flowers show. I don't know how one gets access to MTN archives but I think May thru Nov 05 would have some appearances of Amy Alexander.

On 10/20/06 9:11 PM, "Michelle Hill" wrote:

I will respond to this only because I know a little more than any of you
about what really happened between the two of them. Remember, just because someone may have mental issues, does not make them a liar.

There are people who prey on mentally challenged individuals because people like you will simply say the victim is "ill" or "crazy." These people are
the perfect victims for rapists.

Believe what you may, in the end, but some of her claims mighty just be
true. There [sic] relationship may have been more than is being represented.

Mark Snyder:
I know some of what has happened between Amy Alexander and Keith Ellison as
I have been a volunteer for the Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota
(EJAM) and saw how Amy Alexander behaved.

Friday's Star Tribune featured an article in the Metro section with more
background on Amy Alexander and her issues with Keith Ellison. The quotes
from Darrell Gerber and Paula Maccabee were accurate.

Amy Alexander did verbally attack Ellison, other board members and other local elected officials on the EJAM listserv. She also attacked me verbally when I questioned some of her statements and she was ultimately removed from the listserv due to her harassing behavior.

I don't know Amy Alexander well enough to say whether her behavior was due to any mental illness, but her behavior was inappropriate and her claims about Ellison and EJAM have no merit, in my opinion.

Mark Snyder
Windom Park

Someone pointed out that Amy Alexander had filed to run against Paul Ostrow. I recall meeting her at a meet the candidates event.

I ran into a Natalie Johnson Lee operative recently - and he said he thought Keith was an embarrassment, and was planning on supporting Tammy Lee.