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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Keith Ellison Rumor Mill Tries to Smear Tammy Lee

I have been told by friends working for Ellison the following falsehoods:

1. Tammy Lee is anti-choice.

This is simply not true. She is Pro-Choice which is a prereq for endorsements from the Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund which has endorsed Tammy.

2. Voting for Tammy will result in Alan Fine being elected.

This is a plain lie, but what should we expect from Keith Ellison? The facts are this:

In the Fifth District, Republican congressional candidates have performed in the low to mid 20% range in the last three elections: 2004-25%, 2002-26%, 2000-23% (Source: Minnesota Secretary of State voting records ). Even if Tammy Lee and Keith Ellison split the remaining 75%, they still would beat any Republican running in the district.

Furthermore, there will surely be a lower percentage for the Republican candidate as many pro-choice, pro-GLBT equality Republicans have crossed the asile to support the Liberal Tammy Lee.

It is time for Keith Ellison to tell his supporters to stop spreading lies. It is truly a sign of weakness.

**Note: I do support Tammy Lee. I will be voting for Tammy Lee. I am not paid or prompted by any candidate, committee or party to blog on these issues. I do it because I care about Minneapolis and Minnesota.**