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Friday, October 20, 2006

Marilyn Musgrave - A Theocrat Favorite

The November 2nd issue of Rolling Stone magazine (something I don't normally read) has a scorching, profane, hilarious cover story on the 109th Congress, which the magazine names 'The Worst Congress Ever'. The story is by Matt Taibbi. I'd call it a little over the top, but its good entertainment on a cold evening.

They also name the '10 Worst' people in Congress. Their selections include Dennis Hastert, Curt Weldon, William Jefferson (the only Democrat), Tom Tancredo, James Sensenbrenner, and yes, Marilyn Musgrave from Colorado, who the magazine calls 'The Queen of Gay Bashing'.

The magazine reports she got an endorsement from the KKK in May of this year, thanks to her ardent support of legalized concealed weapons and her work on the Federal Marriage Amendment.

The ever-witty Barney Frank of Massachusetts is quoted:

But (Barney) Frank notes one thing he admires about Musgrave. "If you're going to have someone who's a hater, it's best that she's not very bright. I appeared with her in a couple of forums to debate her bill, but she's totally incapable of even explaining what it says."

This debate obviously wasn't on the floor of the US House, as the GOP majority caucus has all but shut down committee hearings, floor debates and amendments. That's how we end up with loans to the DM&E railroad.