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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mark Stenglein Replaces Alan Fine in the Personal Rapid Transit Pod Squad

Although Alan Fine is idiotic enough to put the nearly dead Taxi 2000 Corporation on his web site, he doesn't have any chance of getting elected. Incumbent Hennepin County Commisioner Mark Stenglein however is on record supporting PRT. Here is a hilarious letter from Mark Stenglein to Bill James, the President of the "Intelligent Transportation Corporation":

Dear Mr. James,

Intelligent Transporatation's approach to the energy of out communnity is one whose time has come. Computerized networks can automate repetetive travel such as transporting children to and from school, shoppers to and from retail centers, to and from work.

Since Stenglein's letter is dated November 15, 2005, it's safe to say that PRT's time came and went.

Intelligent Transportation and Taxi 2000, both Minnesota companies, seem to be leading the world in automating transportation networks.

Does Stenglein really believe that? Bill James runs his pretend PRT company out of his suburban home in Burnsville. James made his "J-Pod" prototype in a garage using plywood, metal tubing, carpets for the seats and duct tape... DUCT TAPE!!! If Stenglein had the sense to ask his staff to Google Taxi 2000 he would have learned that Taxi 2000 was hardly on the cutting edge of anything after suffering a corporate shake-up and a nasty lawsuit. By the time Stenglein wrote this letter, Taxi 2000 was already washed-up. Taxi 2000 hasn't had anything new added to its website's news page since 2004. A dead company website means a dead company.

Until I rode in the Taxi 2000 vehicle I did not understand the power and simplicity of automating personal transit. It would be a shame for Minnesota to not leverage its lead position again as a "Physical Internet" is built.

That last statement is enough to conclude that Stenglein is either delusional or just plain stupid. I hope Mark Stenglein is defeated on November 7th.

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