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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MFC's Tom Prichard Rationalizes Primary Losses

Christian Chronicle here:

Prichard says stakes are high in upcoming elections

Minnesota Family Council President Tom Prichard recently shared his observations about the recent primary elections and what to expect in November.

MCC: How did pro-family causes/candidates do in the recent primary elections?

Prichard: The two key primary races that pro-marriage people were looking at were the Sen. Dean Johnson and Sen. Paul Koering primary races. In both cases, the incumbent candidates, who didn't support the Marriage Amendment won. But the challengers did well, and that sent a strong message.

Koering, a Republican, refused to publicly support the Marriage Amendment language, refused to vote on the issue of promotion of homosexuality in public schools, and eliminating state sponsored gambling.

If his positions on these issues had become clear earlier, the outcome might have been different.

It's very hard for a challenger to beat an incumbent endorsed candidate in a primary.

I'm personally disappointed in the outcome, but on the other hand, it sent a message that marriage and other family issues are important.

In other words, he had his ass handed to him.