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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Minnesota US Senate Debate on 'Meet the Press'

This is from the Fitzgerald campaign. You can send a message to request that Mr. Fitzgerald be included in the debate.


This campaign is involved in every U.S. Senate debate in Minnesota. Meet the Press is conducting a debate with the U.S. Senate candidates on October 15th, but with one glaring omission. I have yet to receive an invite to the debate. The campaign and the party have been pressing hard, but now is the time for you to email the producers of Meet the Press and insist that all three major party candidates participate in the debate. Let Meet the Press know how important it is to hear from the three major parties here in Minnesota.

Direct emails to: or use the form here:

This is really up to you now. Make your voice heard! Fill the MTP inbox insisting Meet the Press present a debate similar to every major debate in Minnesota, a debate featuring every major party candidate!

Mark your calendar for October 15th!