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Sunday, October 15, 2006

More Attacks on Brad Finstad

His local constitutents are not happy. Here's another letter to the editor from the New Ulm Journal.

TO THE EDITOR: We are being blasted with many political ads on the radio, TV, newspaper and political advertisements in the mail. They all make it sound like they have done everything good for the voters or maybe what they intend to do for us. Most of it is trying to make us believe their opponents are not in the real world and they really don’t have good solutions to the issues at hand. The problem is that all attackers really don’t have any good solutions to the problems or issues either so they just keep attacking or smearing their opponent.

I am wondering where the good common sense that is talked about really went. I still can’t believe that the representative of District 21B would spend most of the 2006 session on stadiums for millionaire ballplayers and multimillionaire owners and ignore some of the agriculture and health care issues that were on the agenda. Property tax reform and the dairy tax credit investment bill. The real problem is that the Hennepin County residents didn’t get a chance to vote on the stadium bill which don’t make for a very good common sense decision by rushing the bill through without giving the residents a chance to vote on their tax dollars. Not much common sense was used here.

I have contacted Rep. Brad Finstad’s office several times when in session about agriculture issues and about the large difference in the price of a cancer shot that I am taking. Being he is the vice chairman of the Health and Human Services committee I thought that he would like to know what is happening to health costs. I received the 4-month cancer shot at one clinic at a cost of $1,200 and 25 miles away at a a cost of $9,535. Highway robbery in broad daylight. This is why the health insurance premiums keep going up every year. Rep. Finstad has never returned a call to me about this important issue. I really wonder if he cares what is going on in the health field even if he is on the Health and Human Services Committee. Common sense tells me he really don’t care.

I think we need a representative that works for the voters of District 21B and not for Hennepin County and millionaire ballplayers and multi-millionaire owners. We need to vote for Bob Skillings on Nov. 7 who will represent the voters of District 21B. Let us get back to the common good and general welfare of all the people and liberty and justice for all.



I'm sorry to read that Mr. Mathiowetz is battling cancer, and that his elected representative couldn't trouble himself to respond to a life-or-death question from a constituent.

Let's hope a majority of voters in 21B figure out what Finstad is really about.