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Monday, October 16, 2006

More Proof - Brad Finstad is a Deadbeat

From a story in the New Ulm Journal:

Finstad earned recognition this past session as the chief author and main proponent of the bill that authorized Hennepin County to finance a new ballpark for the Minnesota Twins. Skillings has questioned why Finstad should have spent the amount of time he did on an issue that may be of some interest to people in District 21B but is of greater interest and benefit to the owners of the Minnesota Twins.

Finstad said at a League of Women Voters forum in New Ulm last week that a state representative should be willing to tackle issues that benefit the whole state, not just his own district.

So, he admits that a Twins Stadium is a benefit to the entire state (a premise that I don't swallow), but he refuses to have the entire state help foot the bill.