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Sunday, October 01, 2006

MPD Will Issue RFP for a vendor to provide pre-employment screening

Remember the reparative-therapy supporting "Psychologist" the Minneapolis Police Department hired to do employment screenings? Remember the screeching by "Porno Pete" LaBarbera about "anti-christian bias" from the IFI and the MFC when Michael Campion was suspended?

The IFI is now claiming Campion has been "re-suspended".

They have an action alert:

To call the City of Minneapolis and politely urge the city and its prospective Police Chief, Tim Dolan, to NOT discriminate against Dr. Campion based on his religious and moral convictions, call (612)673-2735.

Here is the actual story from Greg Reinardt, who I believe works for the police department. This was posted on the Minneapolis Issues list.

Dr. Michael Campion has not been re-suspended. That is spin from the IFI. It was made very clear to them and others that there was no re-suspension. The
following information was provided to them:

MPD currently does not have a contract with any vendor providing pre-employment
screening or fitness for duty services. Chief Dolan has started an immediate
process to develop an RFP (Request for Proposal) to contract all further such

Once issued, Dr. Campion and et al are welcome to apply.

Commissioner Michael Campion, worked with the BCA for 32 years with some distinction, before being appointed to head the MN Department of Public Safety. The Commissioner and the Doctor are not the same person. Pictures of either one are on the web.

Greg Reinhardt, Excelsior

Will Campion's firm apply, then try use the ambulance chasing AFA lawyers to try to sue the city if they fail to get the contract?

Will Bachmann and Associates also bid for this, and squeal about "anti-christian bigotry" if they don't get it?


Update: I signed in and commented on the FrontPage story that parroted LaBarbera's hysterical screeching about this nonsense. My comment is here.

Campion, Barrow and Associates can be contacted at these numbers:

Campion, Barrow and Associates
2110 Clearlake Blvd. STE 202
Champaign, IL 61822
Toll Free: (800) 292-3399 | Vox: (217) 356-9922 | Fax: (217) 356-9875

Call them up and tell them to quit lying about what is going on with the Minneapolis Police Department - and to quit wasting Minneapolis Police Department resources on this non-story. Ask them if they are really itching for a lawsuit. I just did, and someone answered the phone (on a Sunday). I was hoping to leave a message, but I talked to a real person.

Update 2: Mike Mosedale at City Pages covers this in detail. Campion is avoiding the press - except for the leviticus crowd press.

The Campion firm is under contract for the Minnesota State Patrol and for the DNR. This is a problem.