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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Upcoming 5th Congressional District Debate

Sponsored by

Jewish Community Relations Council
Jewish Community Action
National Council of Jewish Women

When: Tuesday, 17Oct2006 7:00pm

Where: Beth El Synagogue, 5224 W 26th Street, St. Louis Park

Who: Tammy Lee (IP), Alan Fine (R) and Keith Ellison (D)

This is sure to be an interesting debate considering Keith Ellison's past and Alan Fine's more recent attacks. Who will rise above the partisan rhetoric? I know at least one candidate will.

Disclaimer: The Minnesota blogosphere has been particularly obsessed with disclaimers for bloggers who promote candidates, in particular wanting to know who does or doesn't get paid to blog. To all of you who spent tireless hours attacking both liberal and conservative bloggers here is my disclaimer: "I don't owe anyone any explanation as to why I do or do not promote candidates. If I wanted my private life to be scrutinized I would become a politician. Until then, get over your self-righteous indignation and accept the fact that I would be doing this regardless of any employment status which may or may not exist within any campaign, candidate or party. Don't like it? Tough."