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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Waite Park Neighborhood Festival

Folks from CCARL had a table at the Waite Park Neighborhood Festival. I went to this with photographer Michele McGaughey.

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Commissioner Mark Stenglein (Right) in back of CCARL Table which calls for his defeat.

Stenglein's opponent, Greg Gray came to this with his wife Renee. Gray was working the crowd and had a table.


Fifth District Candidate Tammy Lee spoke:


Congressional candidate Keith Ellison came with a video crew.


Keith Ellison also spoke:

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Minneapolis Issues regular Jeanne Massey was educating people about Instant Runoff Voting. This will be on the ballot in Minneapolis.


You can see a slide show of the festival here.

Other politicians in attendance included Larry Pogemiller, Sandy Burt (Pogemiller's opponent) and Rich Stanek running for Hennepin County Sheriff.

All photos were by Michele McGaughey. This festival was held October 2, 2006.