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Friday, October 20, 2006

X Rated Campaign Ad

KSTP had a story about an X rated campaign ad ran by republican Paul Nelson in Western Wisconsin, running against Ron Kind. KSTP mentioned that Nelson got this ad from a North Carolina Republican candidate. They didn't mention which North Carolina candidate, but it was Vernon Robinson, who I've written about before. There's more background about this situation at Original Above the Border Line.

Republican U.S. congressional candidate Paul R. Nelson defended a controversial Internet ad Wednesday, while another GOP leader called it “below the belt.”

Late Tuesday, Gary Arneson, chairman of the 3rd Congressional District GOP, contacted the Tribune with a statement on Nelson’s ad.

“I disapprove of Paul Nelson’s controversial ad. No one wants to replace Ron Kind more than I do. But to say Ron Kind pays for sex is below the belt and unbecoming of a Republican candidate for Congress,” Arneson said. “I disagree with Ron Kind, but even he doesn’t deserve that. Ron is a politician, and he can take it. But his young boys should not have to hear such insinuations and now they have.”

It is an ad, Nelson boasts, that "the mainstream media won't show!"

And for obvious reasons.

"Ron Kind," the ad continues, "even spent your tax dollars to pay teenage girls to watch pornographic movies with probes connected to their genitalia. Ron Kind pays for sex but not for soldiers."

Nelson's ad so irked state Republican leaders that it merited a call last week from Wisconsin Republican Party Executive Director Rick Wiley to Kind's campaign manager, Matt Sweeney, in which, Kind said, Wiley took pains to "denounce" it.

Wiley acknowledged Monday that he called Sweeney about the advertisement last week but said the discussion was "off the record." He said he called Sweeney only to weigh in on what he thought about it.

So what does he think about it?

"It's not a good ad. There is no doubt about it," Wiley said. "(Nelson) would be better served if he sticks to the issues out there that folks want to hear about."

"...fortunately, some leaders in the Republican Party have chosen to turn their backs on Paul. This is the kind of weak-kneed leadership that grass-roots activists have been complaining about," Muller said.

Nelson said he recently got a call from Wiley.

"Mr. Wiley expressed his unhappiness with us," Nelson said. "We told him we thought the ad accurately depicts the shameful, deplorable waste of government dollars that we say it does."

Nelson said he did not conceive the ad. In fact, it originally wasn't even his; the advertisement was put together for a congressional hopeful in North Carolina. Nelson said he paid its producer something less than $5,000 to fashion it to target Kind.

Vernon Robinson is especially well known for this ad.