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Monday, November 06, 2006

Alan Fine's Website Contains Rahelio/AHS Testimonial

Avidor points out that Fine for Congress has this on the front page:

"I trust he is smart and that his motives are pure"
Reverend Rahelio Soleil, main contributor to American Hot Sausage: A Progressive Democrat - leaning Blog. Posted July 14, 2006. Rahelio Soleil is a extremely liberal commentator and a regular contributor to City Pages, the Rake, The New Black Magazine.

Britt Robson from City Pages quickly corrects the record:

For the record, whether he is known as Reverend Soleil or American Hot Sausage, he is far from a "regular contributor" to City Pages, as apparently stated by Mr. Fine. He happens to post frequently in the comments section of Blotter, the main weblog of That's not said in support or opposition to anything AHS says or does; merely to make it clear that, despite the implication, he has never had a byline or otherwise written for City Pages.
Britt Robson

Traffic is up (almost 800 hits today) with this story.

Here's the Ellison campaign statement sent to the Pulse:

Sent to Pulse from Ellison Campaign Communications Director Bridget Cusick concerning the satiric campaign piece published on

We have absolutely nothing to do with the website in question -- we don't know the author; we don't even know his real identity. The site is tasteless and clearly goes way over the line.

As most people have witnessed over the past six months, we at the Ellison campaign know a little something about being the subject of slanderous attacks. They're hurtful, they detract from meaningful dialogue on the issues; they're bad for the District. That's why we never have engaged and will not engage in negative campaigning.

I just checked the Strib website, and there's nothing on that website.

AHS is going on and offline.