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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Angie Paccione Smarter than Patty Wetterling on the Gay Marriage Issue

Angie Paccione has edged up in the polls to defeat Michele Bachmann clone Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado. Here is how they addressed the gay marriage question:

Musgrave, who co-sponsored a constitutional ban on gay marriage that sputtered in 2004 said she supports traditional marriage.

"I think that's the ideal environment for children to be raised," Musgrave said.

Paccione's response garnered applause from some of the 1,000 people crowded into Windsor High School auditorium.

"You want to protect marriage, you know what's a threat to marriage? Divorce is a threat to marriage," she said. "You know what else is a threat to marriage? Infidelity is a threat to marriage. Domestic violence is a threat to marriage. Losing your job is a threat to marriage. Marriage is not a threat to marriage. I support equality."

I wonder if buying meth, but never using it and getting massages from male hookers is a threat to marriage.

As I wrote earlier, Tim Walz took a similar approach when interviewed on Lambert and Jacacek:

And the best thing that ever happened to me was to get married and I don't see a reason to deny that to anyone. So I'm pretty consistent on that, of where government should not be in our lives.

Contrast this to Patty Wetterling's response stating that she thought putting the amendment in the constitution was discrimination, but she supported the current law. Patty Wetterling is now on record in opposition to civil unions as well as gay marriage. Eric Black interviews her to get her clarify this and she says that the DOMA law prohibits benefits for gay couples, and she is ok with that.

Patty Wetterling gets all of the negative direct mail on this issue run by the NRCC, but her answers to these types of questions, suggest that the only difference between she and Michele Bachmann is the marriage amendment. Her answers on these issues don't help help her because she's not going to get the voters that think this is a top priority anyway. In addition, while polling still shows people are opposed to gay marriage, they also support more benefits for gay couples than it appears Patty Wetterling supports. I've heard Patty says different things to people in private. However, I look to public statements as the more important statements.

In the case of some of these congressional campaigns, it's gay advisers who are advising candidates to take the Patty Wetterling approach. The problem with that approach is that it assumes that the gays who pay big bucks to attend HRC fundraisers, and who go to their high buck fundraisers are representative of the community. That's not the case.