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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another LTE About Hennepin County's Best Friend

The New Ulm Journal ( has been posting a lively variety of letters to the editor about all of the upcoming races.

Letters in favor of Brad Finstad seem to mostly come from those who appreciate his pro-life voting record.

Then we have this letter......

Where was Finstad?

TO THE EDITOR: This morning (Tuesday, Oct. 24), after enjoying my New Ulm Journal, I picked up the Marshall Independent. Seeing their Voter’s Guide, I turned the pages eagerly to find out how our candidates, Finstad and Skillings, had answered their questions. Mr. Skillings had very thoughtful, pertinent answers for the problems of our district. I was impressed!

But where was Brad Finstad? Where was he? I looked all over the paper. Then I saw a note that Mr. Finstad had failed to respond to their questionnaire. What could be more important than communicating with his constituents? What could take him away from our needs and concerns?

This isn’t the first time Brad Finstad has been “absent without leave.” He missed 89 votes he should have made as our representative. I’m sure they were saying “Where is Brad Finstad?” up there at the capital. He musta been off with Mr. Pohlad working on the details of the stadium bill. That Finstad Stadium Tax bill was mighty complicated. He musta had a lotta help with it.

You know, I think it’s time to elect Bob Skillings, so he can get to work for us. Then we won’t have to worry about “Where’s Brad Finstad?” He’ll be right where he wants to be — with Carl Pohlad and all his wealthy buddies, in expensive suites in the Stadium That Finstad Built.