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Sunday, November 05, 2006

As readers may have noticed a recent post on this blog, by another contributor, linked to a "parody" website of Tammy Lee. This website has been carefully scrutinized and the Tammy Lee for Congress campaign has issued the following statement.

For Immediate Release

Ellison Supporter Blasts Lee with Hateful, Slanderous Website

(Minneapolis, MN) – Just days from the election, the Tammy Lee campaign is attacked by a supporter of Keith Ellison. In what is labeled a ‘spoof’ website, a supporter of Keith Ellison created a website that is slanderous and goes beyond the bounds of negative campaigning into hateful, race-baiting comments falsely attributed to Lee and her supporters.

The website, which is an alias of the blog ‘American Hot Sausage’, is registered to Rahelio Soleil of Burnsville. Soleil has written extensively in support of Keith Ellison’s campaign. Sources include articles on ‘The New Black Magazine’ and various other political blogs. (

The spoof website is a replica of It was first mentioned on the American Hot Sausage blog, which also included an article where Ms. Lee is falsely quoted.

“This goes beyond negative campaigning. These are slanderous, outrageous lies that constitute an unprecedented new low in negative campaigning: race-baiting, hateful comments intended to influence the outcome of this election and suppress voter turnout,” Lee said.

“The creator of the vitriolic hate piece not only slanders me and my character, but that of well-respected political leaders: Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Koblick, Former US Congressman Tim Penny, and Congressman Sabo’s District Director, Kathleen Anderson.” said Lee. “This is the absolute worst and dirtiest form of campaign attack and the people behind this piece should be held accountable and condemned by all people, including Keith Ellison, for this reprehensible act.”

The site, which is intentionally created to look just like Lee’s actual campaign web site and shows up prominently in a Google search of “Tammy Lee Congress” links to known white supremacist David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan, and other hate groups.

Links on Tammy Lee’s official site, including the volunteer sign-up, were changed on the racist site to read “Be part of our high-tech lynching! Sign up to volunteer and join our cross burning movement that starts in the 5th CD, but can sweep the nation.”

“Intentionally attributing false, inflammatory and racist quotes to someone goes beyond negative campaigning. This is not free speech – it’s slander and it’s a legal offense. ” said George Soule, legal counsel for the Tammy Lee campaign. Soule noted that Soleil and the administrator of the site, Mike Nagle, also of Burnsville, may face legal action.

“I’m outraged that anyone would choose to engage in this type of act. It’s obvious that this bomb was dropped in the final hours of this campaign in order to influence the outcome of this election. It’s wrong. It’s hurtful. And it’s damaging, not only to me personally but to all of those who are supporting my campaign, including those who are being falsely quoted with this kind of hate speech. Just today at a debate, Keith said negative campaigning hurts everyone and it alienates people from voting. It’s unfortunate that a staunch supporter of Ellison would engage in the exact thing Keith was speaking against,” said Lee.

Sources: (


Prepared and paid for by Tammy Lee for Congress.


Dear Mr. Soleil:

I represent Tammy Lee for Congress. We learned today about your post "AHS: Two-faced Tammy Turns Totally Truculant" and the false Tammy Lee for Congress website ( You are entitled to your commentary about Ms. Lee's campaign, but these materials cross way over the line.

The post's reference to Ms. Lee's "pitch is this: 'Keith Ellison is a wanton nigger, I am what you're used to'" is FALSE, MALISCIOUS, DEFAMATORY and constitutes a FALSE CAMPAIGN STATEMENT.

The false website you have created, which is linked to the your post on, is FALSE, MALISCIOUS and DEFAMATORY and constitutes a FALSE CAMPAIGN STATEMENT. The false website constitutes a FALSE statement that Ms. Lee, among other things, has urged voters to vote for her because she is white or her opponent is black, that she has referred to people of color as "spooks or coons," and that she is endorsed by the "United Association of House Negroes" and the "American Blackface Society." The false website's links also constitute a FALSE statement that Ms. Lee is connected to the Ku Klux Klan, White Power, Single Ma's Fabulous Financials, David Duke and the National Socialist White People's Party. The false website also uses design elements from Ms. Lee's website to confuse voters into initially believing that it is her own website. The fine print - "An obvious spoof" - does not remedy the harm you have created by this false website.

We demand that you take down this false website and delete the false statements in the post. If you do not, we will exercise all legal remedies available for these egregious violations.

George Soule
Attorney for Tammy Lee for Congress