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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Binkowski's Decision: Hero or Goat?

Over at the comment section of The Big Question, Team Dump Bachmann's Bill Prendergast makes this prediction:

Binkowski, who has a very ready wit and plays the audience well. Too bad he’s IP–the IP is doomed in the 6th for the next ten years if Bachmann wins.

Loosetrife over at Mpls Upside Down agrees:

I am not a Democratic Party partisan, having voted for Nader in the last two presidential elections. This is a different game were in now boys and girls. If you are considering voting third party in this election to send a message, I ask you to reconsider on a race by race basis. That's what I am doing, and I am voting Democrat in virtually all races.

Wherever we can (and I mean "we" in the broadest possible context), let's turn out the Republicans who have allied themselves with Bush's failures and the corruption in the Republican-led Congress.

After the election, we can turn on each other like viscious dogs. So be it; that's democracy.

Imagine for a moment that tomorrow, John Binkowski, the Independence Party candidate in the 6th CD announces that he is supporting Patty Wetterling and urges his voters to follow him, stopping Michele Bachmann's attempt to further her vision of apocalyptic theocracy.

Come on John. It will make you famous, and you won't have a nut job representing you in Washington.

I also hope John Binkowski chooses to be the hero of this election.