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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chris Stewart Fesses Up

The Star Tribune reports that Chris Stewart, newly elected Minneapolis School Board Member was the author behind the hate site which smeared Tammy Lee. I reported on Monday that Tammy Lee held a press conference reporting everything known and that it had been independently verified. (note the strib link has been changes twice on their site, if you get a 404 error just search "Chris Stewart" on the strib site.)

Here's how it all went down.

Avidor posted about the smear-site on Friday 03Nov2006.

The site was brought to the attention of candidate Tammy Lee and this response was issued on Sunday 05Nov2006.

Within an hour of that post, Lloydletta contributor DavidD (the author of this post) was given a tip that Chris Stewart was behind this website. With the help of some associates, I was able to make the connections between the AHS website and a phone number for Stewart Dynamics as well as a postal address linked to Chris Stewart. The next piece found was the images from google which showed the resemblence between Rahelio Soleil and Chris Stewart. After turning over all this information to the Lee campaign an independent investigator was contacted and the information was confirmed and more discovered.

After releasing the connections between Soleil/Stewart, Mr. Stewart refused comment for several days. He would not talk to the Star Tribune, the blogs, MPR or The Rake.

Since Lloydletta broke this story more information has poured in via email giving me more tips linking Chris Stewart/Rahelo Soleil. Jim at Anti-Strib found more. Additional tips have come in with evidence showing that Chris Stewart was engaged in this smear campaign using his computer at work. His employer is the State of Minnesota.

Progressives in Minneapolis are coming together to denounce Mr Stewart's actions. This is not the kind of person we want running our government. MR STEWART SHOULD IMMEDIATELY RESIGN FROM HIS NEW POST ON THE SCHOOL BOARD. What kind of example are we setting for our children?

Eva adds: Avidor followed up with two contributors to American Hot Sausage - Here's what he said in the comments:

I talked a while ago with Chris Stewart and I just got off the phone with Mike Nagle.

They both say that Rahelio Soleil is a screen name shared by several people who may not know each other.

I can't think of anything more foolish than sharing an identity with strangers.

Mike Nagle wouldn't give me an explanation why AHS did that post on PRT and me and he had no explanation why "Rahelio Soleil" endorsed Alan Fine.

Also, posts on this blog are the opinions of the individual poster, and not the opinion of everyone on the blog.

Peg Kerr also interviewed Chris Stewart and reports on her conversation.

Avidor also asked me to let people know that he is not calling on anyone to resign.


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