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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Chris Stewart Should Resign

I've tried to not pay attention to this issue, as I found everything about it to be skeevy. Also, I contribute to a blog about another politician, and while I hope none of my posts on that blog sank to the level of the worst of the worst on the fake Tammy Lee website, I know that perception is reality for all of us, and I'm fully conscious of what it means to throw rocks in a glass house.

That said, I wasn't running for any office on November 7th, nor do I ever foresee myself ever putting my name on a ballot (I'm not that ambitious....). I do not post on blogs using an alias.

I voted for Tammy Lee and Peter Hutchinson on Tuesday, and was happy to do it. I listened carefully to all of the candidates, and found those two most closely matched my perspective at this point in time, for their respective contests. I'm not aware of any perfect candidates who ran last Tuesday, and I'm grateful for the privilege of voting so that we can sort this stuff out. I understood the risk of a 'wasted vote', but I stand by my choices.

The race, gender, and religion of a candidate do not matter to me. I get suspect of any candidate who uses those attributes to promote themselves, or to slam an opponent.

The Minneapolis School Board, unfortunately, continues to devolve. It was interesting this year that we didn't need a primary to sort out the candidates. Not that many people stepped up to the plate. In 2004, there were twice as many candidates running in a primary.

In a public school culture where hysterical arguments can break out over Halloween, Christmas, the sexual orientation of a teacher, the book of Genesis as a science text, etc. etc, I find it particularly ironic that the underlying attitudes demonstrated by Mr. Stewart's internet activity can be tolerated in a leadership position. If somebody took a marking pen and wrote what he wrote on a bathroom wall at Washburn High School, all hell would break loose.

Resign, Mr. Stewart. If you do not, you contribute one more example to support a growing belief that the Minneapolis School Board is a dead letter office.

Do it for the kids.