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Monday, November 06, 2006

Contact with Chris Stewart

I got through to Chris Stewart, who is running for Minneapolis School Board. He said a statement is coming out from his campaign, but he's not going to answer questions. I asked him several times to confirm or deny whether he was the blogger posting as Rahelio on American Hot Sausage.

Here's his endorsement list. The hotlink to the list is removed from his website.

Here is how the Star Tribune describes Stewart in their endorsement:

Stewart, a self-described conservative, offers a different and possibly independent voice to the board. As a state social services, job and business specialist, he has worked with low-income families and disabled citizens. That experience taught him that many social service delivery problems and homelife issues detract from educating poor kids. He could use that experience to help better coordinate all the services that support students in school.

Stewart wants to tone down the "oppositional and identity" racial politics that has plagued the district. Instead, he would focus on building orderly, well-staffed and well-run schools.

If Stewart is Rahelio from American Hot Sausage, he has quite the split personality.

His campaign blog is quite bland.