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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Counterpunch: "Green Stench in Minnesota: the Commissioner and the Hog Lot"

Mark Knapp (they got his first name wrong) had this well-researched article about yet another MN Green-gone-bad published in Counterpunch:

Dwayne Voegeli burst on the scene in 2002 as a Green candidate for the Winona County Commission. Voegeli had a background as a social studies teacher at the local high school. He was endorsed by the Winona County Green Party and widely praised in the two local newspapers as a man who valued both ecology and democracy.... we have seen here in Minneapolis with former Councilman Gary Dean Zimmermann, Voegli turned out to be a disapointment to environmental activists..... the end, the decision came down to the five people on the county commission. Two were quickly against the application, while two were strongly in favor of it. Only the chairman of the committee was undecided. He publicly waffled and delayed. The committee met two extra times before they finally decided.

Once again, Dwayne Voegeli, the representative of the Green Party cast the deciding vote in favor of a larger lagoon of manure.

Three months later, Voegeli supported a third feedlot. This time it was for 1300 dairy cows, with a pit holding 5.7 million gallons of manure. Despite its enormity, there was little vocal opposition to the feedlot, and the vote on the commission was unanimous. Voegeli joked, "I guess we just like cows more than pigs." Perhaps the citizens had been metaphorically beaten into submission by the futility of trying to reason with a majority of their elected representatives including the one with the "Green" label.

Writing for the antithesis of green ideology, the President of the Winona Chamber of Commerce chirped, "Good call Commissioner!"

Here in the Twin Cities, the GPM takes action:

Green Party calls news conference to criticize MPR and other media outlets

The Green Party held a news conference today to try to get more coverage for their statewide candidates. MPR is the only news outlet to cover the news conference. Several candidates bash MPR and the other news outlets for not covering them. So it appears the Green's solution to getting more media coverage is to then beat up on the only reporter who covers the news conference...

"daveZ" comments:

Now the Green Party has something in common with the major parties -- they blame their shortcomings on the media......yawn.....

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