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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Does Governor Pawlenty Want Creationism to be Taught in Science Classrooms?

This letter in the St Cloud Times makes this case:

Republican candidates will protect values
Alan Tims, St. Cloud

Published: November 05. 2006 12:30AM

The regional Democratic candidates have wrapped themselves in the tunic of "traditional Minnesota values." But they want us to believe that abortion is good, traditional marriage between one man and woman is obsolete and that evolution explains everything.

And what is the result of this political nonsense? We have accommodated the murder of 35 million unborn children. Hundreds of studies confirm that as traditional marriage crumbles child abuse, divorce, and poverty escalate.

And while more and more tenured professors are finding evolution lacking, our children are threatened with academic ruin if they don't buy into the party line.

Candidates Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Mark Kennedy, state Sen. Michele Bachmann, Jeff Johnson, Steve Gottwalt and Tara Westby are committed to pursuing a pro-life and pro-marriage environment, where intellectual honesty is also allowed in the classroom.

I would encourage voters to look closely at the candidates. Will they represent and protect your values or will they undermine them?

Evolution is a well established foundation of biology, in the same way that atomic theory is for chemistry. Can anyone imagine a chemistry class without the periodic table?

I agree that the high divorce rate among straight couples is a societal concern. I don't see how passing an amendment preventing gay people from marrying will help reduce child abuse, divorce and poverty.