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Monday, November 13, 2006

KARE 11 on Mark Olson

John Croman is reporting live from the Elk River jail.

Croman also reminds us of some of the Mark Olson highlights at the legislature.

If he is convicted he could be censured or thrown out.

From the St Cloud Times comments thread:

Franklin from Rural Minnesota
Posted: Nov. 13, at 5:48 PM

Olson has a long history of mental illness and rage problems.

About 12 years ago he was accused of throwing a typewriter at his legislative secretary. Sviggum at that time offered to go to anger management classes with him. He refused and the secretary was taken from his office.

But, the good folks of Big Lake just keep sending him back over and over again.

Smooth move people.....smooth move.

Anonymous from
Posted: Nov. 13, at 6:55 PM

If he is guilty as charged, this should end his tenure in the legislature. Bullying and beating your wife (or any other woman)is not the character of a "man" in any sense of the word. Oddly enough, the citizens should be aware of the criminals (and the crimes committed) by members of congress. They should be treated for what they are: criminals.

MrAustin from St. Cloud
Posted: Nov. 13, at 8:46 PM

Poor Mark Olson,

A good Christian man like him should not have to take this from a liberal commie rag like the St. Cloud Times. He reminds me of Jesus in a lot of ways. You see, beating his wife was his way of "cementing" their strong heterosexual marriage. Keep Fighting Mark! Oh, and good luck on the PRT thing this session because I will be rooting for you (I can't wait for my own personal rapid transit vehicle).

MrAustin from St. Cloud
Posted: Nov. 13, at 9:01 PM


I agree that we need to lay off Mark Olson until we learn all the facts. We certainly wouldn't want to point out his authoring of a "Character Education" bill that among other things advocates:

The legislature encourages districts to integrate or offer instruction on character education including, but not limited to, character qualities such as attentiveness, truthfulness, respect for authority, diligence, gratefulness, self-discipline, patience, forgiveness, respect for others, peacemaking, and resourcefulness.

First we need to find the truth before we point out that Olson authored a bill to provide Violence Prevention Grants. Keep a stiff upper lip Mr. Olson and keep fighting (oops!) for CHARACTER EDUCATION.

Developing. . .