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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kate Parry, Katherine Kersten, Anders Gyllenthal and Inconsistent Attitudes on Plagiarism

Peter from Swanblog commented when I mentioned Spot's post going after the Strib's reader's rep for inconsistent concern about plagiarism, Peter Swanson stopped by and commented:

As the "victim" of the alleged plagiarism, I must protest. I posted Jim Lodoen's e-mail verbatim. Kersten got the same e-mail, probably through another source (SCSU Scholars' Janet Beihoffer, I believe). Then Kersten interviewed Lodoen himself. So the quotes match up because in one, Jim Lodoen was writing. In the other, Jim Lodoen is speaking to a reporter. Lodoen stays on message. That's all.
Peter Swanson

Spot has now addressed this in a final comment:

Okay grasshoppers, everybody committed to the story that Katie was only copying Lodoen's emails? Final answer? You're sure?

Your chivalry is commendable, but copying emails and passing them off as material from an interview is plagiarism. Spot doesn't care whether Katie got the emails from Peter or Lodoen: it's still plagiarism. And that's what Katie did.

Anders recognizes that, and that's why he wrote the little waltz he gave to Kate Parry.

If it's not plagiarism, Spot could go out and interview George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or maybe even Aristotle. They all wrote lots of stuff!

If you guys really want to debate this further, Spot would be willing to work it into a dialog sometime.

Your friend, Spot