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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Kind of Republican I was, the type of Independent I am

As many people know, I used to be a member of the Republican Party because I believed in the ideals of personal liberty, non-intrusion of government in personal life and responsibility within government spending. The Minnesota Republican Party and the National GOP abandoned those ideals long ago and I couldn't stay with the Republicans any longerl; however, the DFL is way to socialist for me. Right now the IP is the best fit, it may change, but it's good right now. I would describe myself as a Social Progressive who believes in the capitalism and small business. It's probably one of the reasons I shouldn't seek elected office in Minneapolis, however, I am contemplating a challenge to my local representative in 2 years, it all depends upon what the legislature does between now and next November.

However, I digress from my point. After two looks at his website and a few emails I've received, here's the guy I wish could win the Republican endorsement, Michael Charles Smith. I may not vote for him, depending upon who the Democrat is, but at least I would feel like I could pick between two good candidates. Yes, I am young and idealistic, but it was young and idealistic people who had a vision and created this country. Hopefully I can help make it better.