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Friday, November 10, 2006

Knives out for Ron Carey

Andy Aplikowski has been venting here, here and here.

Lots and lots of people from around the state are happy about my postings. I have received numerous emails thanking me for posting this information plus they have been offering many many more details on the other things that have been happening in our Republican party.

I am working to confirm some more information, but let me just say if what I have heard is true, I’d fully support calling for an emergency state central meeting to consider, as one emailer put it, “flushing the rubbish” from our party.

Stay tuned to RF for more details.

Closed Circuit to Mr. Carey: A resignation may be in order.

On another note, who should we try to encourage to be the next Chair and Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota? Lord knows we have a lot of former elected officials now that will have a ton of free time come January.

My gut reactions are Mark Kennedy or Brian Sullivan. I can think of no finer men than those two to represent Republican values.

Oh yeah, as I said, I am working to confirm the story.

I've heard Brian Sullivan's name alot.

Here's where Andy makes sense:

I know a bunch of people out there are saying that people like me have to calm down and shut up, but I am very worried. I am actually terrified that we are going to just chalk this up as an anti-incumbant wave, and not fix our party. It is broken, and if we don’t completely change the way it works and who is running it, we’re never going to win another election in this state let alone the country. We need systematic top down change.

We need a leader to step forward and take the lead in the change. The current state of this party is fractured and dysfunctional at best. Hell, I was a failure in my BPOU, I don’t deserve to keep my position there either. I couldn’t pull my candidates together and make us all work as a team. I tried, but I failed and let the people down. My last goal is to restructure the BPOU before they run me out. Will it work, who knows, but I feel I have to try. I’m willing to accept the blame, as the Chair here, I deserve it. We lost all our races.

“A leader with out followers is just a guy taking a walk.”

The state party leadership needs to be honest too. They did fail us. There was no coordination. This wasn’t a state party acting on behalf of ALL the candidates. This party is being led by a follower. All the crap that people bitched about Eibensteiner for has just happened again, but this time we got our clocks cleaned. There were favorites played. There were candidates who were ignored and held back, and others who had the way cleared for them.

I am calling for some honesty from the party. I want them to stop, listen, and realize all the things they did wrong. The should call a summit of the BPOUs, local candidates, and major campaigns that lost and bar the doors. They should be forced to sit down and listen to all the complaints. They put all of their energy into one race, and barely won it. Meanwhile, they let everything else go and it was up to the individual candidates. Sure we have the Governor, but what good will that be? He’s all alone now. There is no one left to even try to push him to the right. Because of the tunnel vision of putting all of the eggs in that one basket, they let them steal our entire henhouse.

I called Michael Brodkorb, chair of SD 38 to get a response to all this. He said "the party should be applauded for electing a governor in a difficult climate."

Andy goes on about how "we got our asses handed to us".

Memo to Hugh, We Got Our Asses Handed to Us

I really should abide by my 24 hour blogging embargo, but…

Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty got the w. So did new Congresswoman Michele Bachman. As Democrats turn their electoral college hopes to Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia in 2008, the GOP needs to focus on Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Keeping Pawlenty in the statehouse was a very big deal.

Hugh, we got our asses handed to us here. The entire Republican Party was working on that one race, and they barely won it over the most unlikeable man ever to run for office, and I am including John Kerry. In the mean time, we lost every other statewide race and a congressional seat, the state House big time, as well as a bigger loss in our state senate.

We now have a goll darn commie counting ballots as Secretary of State. We have the mini Mike Hatch going to continue his legacy of abusing the Attorney Generals office for personal and political gain. We have a bleeding heart liberal spending freak who has never seen a spending increase she didn’t like as our state Auditor. And a dishonest and unethical Senator headed to Washington who couldn't answer a straight question with anything more than a pre-scripted poll tested talking point if her life depended on it. And what did the state party do to stop that? Nothing.

Mark Kennedy got beat because he had to go it alone, just like the others. They had no help from the state party in getting their message out. What is the message of the Republican party in Minnesota as a whole? We had a few guys running around talking about Republican issues, but not the state party. What the hell do we stand for? The people that I agreed with on the issues that mattered for their races lost last night. Yes I wanted Pawlenty to win, but at the sacrifice of the rest of the offices? I'm thrilled Bachmann won, she's awesome. But again, what about the rest of the ticket? Was it all worth it? We beat a nasty excuse for a human in Hatch that even creeps out trial lawyers, and a woman who destroyed her great career as a child safety advocate by running the most dishonest and deceitful campaign in Minnesota. Why was it so hard?

I have a terrible feeling that the RNC might have made a huge mistake in coming here for 2008. Granted no where did well last night, but having seen the carnage first hand from the inside, and watching good men thrown under the bus or ignored from day one, I have a pretty big fricking bone to pick with my party's leadership right now. A weak man keeps those who make him look weak out of sight.

There is no team here in Minnesota. They’ve shunned and silenced anyone who dares to dissent from what the leadership wants, myself included. They've even gone so far as to try to get some bloggers to quit. Well, I got some news for ya, look out. I fully understand my posts on this subject will end what little relationship I have left with the party staff and leadership and it will dry up any connections that might be left, but let's just be honest shall we? People need to know who is to blame for our complete and total devastation last night. It wasn't that each and every good Republican on the ballot was disliked, it was that each one of them was fighting it all alone and there was absolutely no coordination being set up by the party.

This will be interesting.