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Monday, November 20, 2006

Kudos to Mark H at Lloydletta

His post about Chris Stewart made Blog House at the Strib.

One Stewart who shouldn't do satire
Today's lesson: If you're a Stewart running for office, it's best to leave the "satire" to Jon.

Published: November 18, 2006

Today's lesson: If you're a Stewart running for office, it's best to leave the "satire" to Jon.

That's what Minneapolis school board member-elect Chris Stewart is finding out.

In the days before the election, Stewart, a supporter of then-Fifth Congressional District candidate Keith Ellison, launched a website under an alias attacking the Independence Party's candidate, Tammy Lee. He told the Star Tribune that it was nothing more than "jokey conversations among friends." Interesting friends and an interesting sense of humor. The website offered such funny, wacky, zany things as links to the Wikipedia entry for the White Power movement and the Ku Klux Klan and an "endorsement" for the candidate from outgoing Rep. Martin Sabo's district director, Kathleen Anderson, who, according to the website, said, "I'm voting for Tammy Lee because I'm a drunken hag who can't possibly vote for Mandingo."

To quote Johnny Carson, "that is some funny stuff."

Character assassination on the Internet is nothing new. What is new is the assassin winning a seat on the school board.

The website raised some serious question about Stewart's character, according to Kevin Chavis at Minnesota Multipartisan (1). "He claims to want a better Minneapolis, and I hope we all truly do in Minnesota. Our city has residents of all races and backgrounds, most of which Chris seems clueless about. Our democracy is [about more than] one's skin color ... . A better Minneapolis would include the perspective of all these citizens, not a racist viewpoint."

Markh at Lloydletta (2) had a little career advice for Stewart. "In a public school culture where hysterical arguments can break out over Halloween, Christmas, the sexual orientation of a teacher, the book of Genesis as a science text, etc., etc., I find it particularly ironic that the underlying attitudes demonstrated by Mr. Stewart's internet activity can be tolerated in a leadership position. If somebody took a marking pen and wrote what he wrote on a bathroom wall at Washburn High School, all hell would break loose. Resign, Mr. Stewart. If you do not, you contribute one more example to support a growing belief that the Minneapolis School Board is a dead letter office."

It's all Chris Stewart all the time over at the Minneapolis Rumors List.