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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Local Bloggers Featured on Blog House

Thanks to Tim OBrien for asking me to write election analysis for last week's blog house.

Flash from Centrisity had the best analysis:

Flash at Centrisity (1): Mike Hatch was the best hope for the DFL. However, I couldn't come up with a single scenario where Tim Pawlenty would lose. To Joe Average Voter the governor is simply "too nice of a guy" who was doing a "good job." Add to that a flank from the left by Peter Hutchinson, and the numbers were tough to find for our attorney general.

So both our state and nation will have Republicans in the executive chair. Two-term President Bush and two-term Gov. Pawlenty now have to deal with Democratic majorities in both chambers for the first time. The president has talked about being a "uniter, not a divider." The governor shared his desire to "work together" for a better Minnesota. It's time to put the rhetoric away and acknowledge the mandate. People didn't merely want change, they demanded it. A true leader will acknowledge that reality.

My colleagues on the right love to tout the strong leadership and strength of the governor and president. I now expect to see that from them. But, just as important, the Dems have a responsibility as well. They now have two years to show the state and the country they were right all along. They need to make wise choices within a limited time frame. See, two years isn't very long, and much more will be at stake then.

Michael Brodkorb also had an insightful contribution:

Bloggers, armed with wireless-enabled laptops and digital cameras, have cemented their role in the political landscape. They have transformed the political news cycle to a minute-by-minute flurry of posts and counter-posts. Candidates running for office in '08 will need to have a specific strategy for working with bloggers and communicating with the blogosphere.

Candidates and campaigns who think that bloggers are living in their parents' basement watching "Xena" reruns while eating Hot Pockets will find themselves sitting at home on election night -- just like Matt Entenza.

I think what has happened with the internet, is there are alternative ways to get messages out there. Mainstream media is no longer such a gate keeper for messages as it has been in the past. I think editors are threatened by this.

I am one of those bloggers who does not own a laptop. I have never been able to get the live blogging thing down. I do better just going to an event and coming home and writing my impressions of it. I also will read a newspaper article or blog entry and responding to it. That is what I did participating in the verious E Democracy political lists, and is what I do when I blog.