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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mark Olson and the Typewriter Incident


In 1997, Olson agreed to undergo counseling to better communicate with House staff after an incident in which he slammed a typewriter on a desk. He attended two sessions and there has been no indication of subsequent incidents, a House Republican spokeswoman said.

St Cloud Times comment thread:

Franklin from Rural Minnesota
Posted: Nov. 13, at 5:48 PM

Olson has a long history of mental illness and rage problems.

About 12 years ago he was accused of throwing a typewriter at his legislative secretary. Sviggum at that time offered to go to anger management classes with him. He refused and the secretary was taken from his office.

But, the good folks of Big Lake just keep sending him back over and over again.

Smooth move people.....smooth move.

There's a difference between heaving a typewriter at a desk, and heaving a typewriter at a secretary.