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Monday, November 13, 2006

Michele Bachmann Not the Only Only Candidate to Benefit From Mac Hammond Endorsement

Joe Bodell and Robin Marty report over on Minnesota Monitor.

When asked for his opinion on Hammond's fundraising letter for Butler, Tim Mooney, who drafted the CREW complaint against Hammond, said "if the church just handed over the list, it would be illegal. There are, however, ways for the church to sell its list (and for the campaign to purchase the list) legally. It is not possible to determine whether the Butler campaign followed these procedures based on the letter."

In the letter about the Michigan race, Hammond tells the recipient:

...Yet, to ultimately succeed, Bishop Butler needs not only our prayer, but also our financial support.

Senate campaigns are expensive, and usually, you need the financial support of various special interest groups to raise enough funds. Keith's desire is to go to Washington with no strings attached so he is positioned to aggressively speak "truth to power." Thus, he is seeking to raise enough financial support from value voters throughout the country to wage a successful exploratory campaign.

If just those of us in the body of Christ who are familiar with Keith would actively support him financially, then his would be a voice in Washington able to speak clearly for the purposes of God. The details on how to contribute financially and the rules involved are included with this letter.

If you want to see faith-filled people who will reflect your values in government, I ask you to join me in actively and aggressively supporting Keith Butler as he pursues a seat in the United States Senate.

Butler's latest FEC report indicates more than $32,000 in donations from 40 individuals in Minnesota. This made Minnesota one of the top five out of state contributors to Butler's campaign, along with California, Flordia, Georgia and Texas, all of whom also boast large contributions from various ministries. Of the forty Minnesota donors, at least twelve can be linked directly to Living Word Christian Center.

Attempts to contact representatives of LWCC for comment on this story were unsuccessful.

Mac Hammond has a habit of doing this sort of thing. Keith Butler was a shrill candidate obscessed with - you guessed it - homos.