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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Minneapolis Legislators to Lead Both Houses

We will need to watch our wallets on Stadium Boondoggles.

It's Larry Pogemiller in the Senate and Margaret Kelliher in the house.

Kelliher is known for delivering a stadium tax increase without the referendum.

I talked to Bob Skillings who ran against Brad Finstad, and he said he is thinking of running again. He did very well, even though he did not defeat Finstad. Skillings also used the Stadium issue against Brad Finstad in his race. The New Ulm voters would have been better off voting Bob Skillings in, because he could have delivered projects for the district being part of the majority, rather than Finstad being part of the minority. Skillings is the type of rural legislator we need more of. Rather than looking at ways to stick it to other taxpayers for the twins stadium bill, he felt that if there was public funding for this, the whole state should support rather screwing over the Hennepin County Taxpayer.

I am personally happy with the results of the election. Governor Pawlenty can be a good check on excesses of the Democrats. It will be interesting to see if he continues with his screw Minneapolis practices.