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Saturday, November 11, 2006

More Bloodletting

Andy at Residual Forces:

And there you have it folks, all the party's resources, in the form of negative ads and media blitzes, and it was Hatch himself who beat himself. That is what my entire point has been. The way the party handled this entire election season was embarrassing. From trying to redefine Republican conservatism to handpicking which candidates will win, yes, dare I say king or queenmaking, Ron Carey blew it. The buck has to stop somewhere.

He was elected as the activist's guy. We were led to believe this guy would be accountable to us, but here we are, all bitter and feeling deceived, and this guy just comes out and says he did everything he could. With which I would beg to disagree.

Our party didn't stand up for what it means to be Republican. Our party did not hold elected Republicans accountable when they strayed from our platform. In the end, in fact it was those who strayed in order to win who were rewarded with the full resources of our party. And left in the ruins were people who never once batted an eye at being a good fiscal Republican who supported the war on terror or the idea of limited government.

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that we now have a Minnesota legislature who has promised to increase spending, raise taxes, and make government even bigger. It is really too bad the Republican party of Minnesota has just finally figured out that that is exactly what it should have been standing for, for the last 18 months. Or at least standing against.

But then again, I never wanted Ron Carey to be chair. I don't right now, and I would encourage a vote of no confidence at December’s state central meeting. He only chose to run for chair once someone else had cleared the way for his victory. Remember, that was Pulkrabek's revolution. I think it may be time for a new one here. This excuse making from Carey is laughable at best. Hypocritical if you will. Preposterous.

It is time for new leadership in this party. The time is now for someone willing to look the gathering storm in the eye and stand firm, not run for the safest place, or person, to get behind.

I understand there will be a December Republican State Central Committee meeting. It looks like it will be excellent political theater.