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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh Woe is Me

Triple A is having a pitty party after venting about Ron Carey and the Republican losses. He's also all alone in calling out Carey.

I think this entire thing would gain some serious attention if there was someone willing to stand up to Carey, besides me. Here's a bit of a tidbit for you. They (MNGOP & all) still haven't even called me or sent me an email asking to talk. Rumor has it when I post something, they start scurrying around trying to find something out. Just who am I talking to? They really want this to go away, and go away fast. But they still have yet to talk to me. If I am so wrong, why no phone call? You do have my number.

I want to make them go away, and go away fast too, but with their tails between their legs. You know, we're a week past one of the worst elections for Republicans in a long time, and we still have yet to see out Chairman accept even the slightest blame for his leadership, or lack there of. There's been a lot of finger pointing, but that isn't what leaders do.

Actually, I think I will coin a new term, "Followship" its the opposite of leadership.

He's not happy with Mel Martinez as RNC Chair.

Anti-immigration activist blogger Michelle Malkin isn't happy with this either.