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Thursday, November 16, 2006

One person who hasn't been 'Hannitized'......

.... would be Nancy Pelosi.

The November 20th issue of Time magazine has a great one-page essay called 'My Mother, My President' by Alexandra Pelosi. The writer knows President Bush, as she followed his campaign in 2000 while working on a student documentary film.

This sentence is the essence of the piece:

When reporters like to stir the pot and focus on the catfights, they don't seem to grasp that these are two seasoned professionals working at the highest level of American government with skin so much thicker than the rest of us.

And here's my favorite parapgraph in the essay:

George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi both know that if you want to breathe the rarefied air at the highest echelons of the US Government, you have to ignore the media buzzards. When I was watching Fox News recently, and she (Nancy Pelosi)walked into the room, I had to explain that Sean Hannity was spending the month leading up to the election warning America that Speaker Pelosi would destroy this nation. She asked, 'Which one is Hannity?'

That's the best 'who are you?' quote since the 2004 Vice Presidential debate, when Dick Cheney looked at John Edwards and wondered aloud if they'd ever met in the US Senate chambers.