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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Rahelio Soleil' Post on Me and PRT

A few posts before he did his number on Tammy Lee, "Raheleio Soleil" wrote this about me:

"As you might guess, Mr. Avidor is against JPods too. He has plenty bad to say about them. However, this only masks his anti-Americanism. AHS is pretty sharp and we can spot a phony a mile away. Sure, he tries to make it about creating rational public policy, but his sinister intentions are made clear by inspecting the picture of the JPod. Look closely and you'll see what really has Mr. Avidor and his liberal band of kook-aid drinkers hot.

That's right, look to the right door panel, just below the tinted window, and you'll see what really has PRT critics up in arms. It's the support our troops sticker with American colors. Yes, we're on to you liberal wackos and your hatred for the innovation of this country. Left up to you Saddam would still lead Iraq and we'd all be riding bicycles to the unemployment office. No, way buddy. We're Americans. We're right and your not."

At the time, I thought that this post was an attempt at satire, so I didn't take it too seriously... but after finding Raheleio Soleil's endorsement on Allan Fine's campaign site, I'm starting to think that this PRT post by Raheleio Soleil was instead, an attempt by Rahelio Soleil to defend Allan Fine who promotes PRT on his campaign website.

Rahelio Soleil's PRT post came after I pointed out on this blog Fine's support for PRT in this post.

I would also add that none of this PRT nonsense would be a campaign issue today if publications like the Rake had long ago done some fact-checking instead of running a silly PRT puff-piece (no longer available on the web). Tom Bartel, publisher of the Rake has been leaving comments here, so I think it's fair to ask Mr. Bartel again as I did a few weeks ago to assign a reporter to investigate the claims of PRT promoting candidates like Michele Bachmann and Allan Fine and as it now appears... Rahelio Soleil (who it now appears may also be a candidate).

Here's a letter I wrote when that ridiculous Rake article about PRT came out.

Until a major publication does an investigation of the PRT hoax, PRT will continue to be used to confuse citizens and public officials as it has for over 30 years.

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