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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A rather insightful, rational and well-put comment from a MDE discussion thread. When will people learn that Mike Hatch isn't what Minnesota needs?

Sometimes politicians demonstrate character traits that disqualify them from representing us. It happened when Jon Grunseth got caught in a swimming pool. It happened when Matt Entenza got caught in a lie.

It might have happened today when Hatch snapped and maligned women. But, I think it happened on July 30th when Mike Hatch filmed that ad outside a food plant. He stood in front of a row of trailers and told us that 20 workers lived in each trailer and how the windows were boarded up on that 100-degree day.

Hatch explained that he made the ad because he anticipated that Governor Pawlenty would bring up the immigration issue. “Ever since he made an issue out of immigration four years ago, we knew he’d do it again,” Hatch said. “And we were ready, we’ve had our ad in the can since last summer.”

Standing in front of those trailers of suffering workers Hatch said “As Governor I’ll enforce the labor laws.” Why would we believe that? As Attorney General, the state’s top law enforcer, he didn’t enforce the law. He filmed a commercial.

Some Minnesotans think the people crammed in those trailers should be arrested and deported. Others think they should get government benefits and be made citizens. But nobody wants them to suffer. Mike Hatch just let scores of them bake in the hot sun.

As Attorney General, Hatch didn’t enforce the law. But worse, as a Minnesotan he didn’t help human beings in need. He did not help the people suffering in those trailers just a hundred feet from him and his cameraman. I wonder if he would have still turned a blind eye if those trailers were full of guys named Johnson and Anderson instead of Martinez and Gonzalez. He probably would, after all he had his ad “in the can” and that’s what he cared about.

A man who uses suffering people as props to get our vote should not get our vote. Mike Hatch’s ad tried to tell us why we should elect him, but it revealed why we should not.