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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rick Mulkern, Another PRTista Candidate

From the PiPress's endorsement of Mee Moua:

Rick Mulkern, a Republican and first-time legislative candidate who chose to run against Moua not so much in disappointment over her time in office but, largely, to give her someone to come up against on the ticket. He sees a no-new-taxes commitment as a step in the right direction, wants to reduce crime on St. Paul's East Side and turn the transportation focus away from trains and toward personal rapid transit.

Rick Mulkern also promotes lawn sign deja vu.

For two years, I've asked reporters and editors in the Twin Cities to explain to voters what PRT really is (or isn't). The reply I usually got is that PRT was not going to be a campaign issue or that PRT was only supported by candidates with no chance of winning.

As it turned out, PRT is a campaign issue in several races and in at least three of those races, the Sixth Congressional District race, Senate 52 and the House 16b race, PRTistas Michele Bachmann, Ray Vandeveer and Mark Olson have a pretty good chance of winning.

Would voters be less likely to vote for a candidate like MIchele Bachmann if they read that she sponsored legislation and promoted a ridiculous boondoggle?

The irony is Senator Mee Moua and her colleagues Senator John Marty and Senator Satveer Chaudery once promoted PRT. It would have been useful to progressive DFL candidates if they came forward and explained why and how they were fooled into promoting PRT.... there is still time.