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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sometimes, Bi-Partisanship is Bad

From a New Ulm Journal story about DFL Legislative Leadership

Rep. Brad Finstad, R-Comfrey, isn’t worried about Kelliher, who is a native of Mankato and a former Blue Earth County dairy princess.

Finstad said he’s had a great relationship with her and that he and Kelliher have helped each other out on pieces of legislation in the past. But Finstad is concerned that the new leaders might not understand rural issues. He said he wished “for more of a regional balance.”

Finstad said he thinks the session is “going to be focused on results and issues important to all parts of the state. This is the first time we have a budget surplus, so it’s going to focus more on policy and less on politics.”

Margaret Anderson Kelliher was one of the Hennepin County legislators who threw her constituents and everybody else who spends money in Hennepin County under the bus for the next 30 years, thanks to her helping out Brad Finstad on the Twins stadium swindle.

No wonder Rep. Finstad said kind things about her.