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Friday, November 03, 2006

Tammy Lee Gets The American Hot Sausage Treatment

Rahelio at AHS whips out this screed on Tammy Lee:

Any substantive difference Lee may have with Ellison, the DFL endorsed candidate, ends with their looks and skin color. On the issues, as pointed out by many Republicans who aren't buying her "rational Republicans are coming over" line of nonsense, she is just a DFLer attempting to win in a different party lane. No Lee supporter speaks of critical differences in her positions on mainstay issues (immigration, environment, education, the Bush tax cuts, abortion, etc.) and the positions in common currency throughout the DFL. They mention we can trust her. She isn't Ellison. She'll make us feel better about our choice. She has a business background. Did I mention that she isn't that Negro who beat Erlandson at that ridiculous city DFL convention?

...and posts this parody of Tammy Lee's campaign site.